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Over here, you will learn about some basic knowledge and technical information about Aircon. I will also be listing some common problems your aircon may have and I'll give you the best advice in solving those problems.

Knowledge is Power!

Air conditioning units are like us, they will show signs and symptoms when they are "sick". By equipping yourself with these knowledge, you can prevent yourself from being cheated by unscrupulous companies or technicians who may exaggerate the conditions of your air conditioner. In the end, you may be paying more for less.

There's everything you need to know about air conditioning, all in one place - including tons of FREE, friendly, easy-to-follow tips and advice on popular air conditioning topics.

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There's a lot of 'stuff" that homeowner need to know about air conditioner, but the good news is that you can find it all here!


We cannot control the wind; we can only adjust the sails.
~ Kahlil Gibran

The aim of this website is to provide air conditioning related information and create a platform for people to discuss about air conditioning. That is the reason why I named this website, "AirConTalk".

I sincerely hope you'll benefit from visiting this site as much as I benefit from developing it, one article at a time and I strive to bring you the latest information of air conditioning, it will always be a work in progress. One thing is for certain, is that all the content written here is unique and are all based on my experience.

~ Vincent Tay

Do drop by at our Aircontalk Forum and I encouraged you to participate in any of the topics there. I would more than happy to hear your thoughts and answer any air conditioning units related problem. Any feedback or comments are welcome too:)

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Do bookmark this site and revisit it regularly, as I will be updating more information on how to maintain your air conditioners and at the same time, spot and solve common problems related to them.

Air Conditioning Units Forum
Welcome to Hintech Air-Conditioning Free Forum! <b>Read</b>, <b>Post</b> or <b>Comment</b> in any category you like ! This free forum is for consumers to have their queries answered and inquire.
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How Air Conditioner Work
How Air Conditioner Work: We beat the heat in summer and warm up the cold in winter. Air conditioners make it possible for us to live comfortably.
Air Conditioner Water Leak
Air Conditioner Water Leak ? Knowing Why and How to Solve It !
Air Conditioning Insulation
Air conditioning Insulation main purpose is to act as a protective and absorb condense water for the copper pipe
Refrigerant Leak Detector For Air-Conditioning Gas Leak Problem
Refrigerant Leak Detector is needed for air conditioning gas leak problem. Air-conditioning gas leak problem is an extremely difficult and costly in solving it.
Calculate Air Conditioning Sizing
Doing your own Air Conditioning Sizing for your home is very important? Most people rely on his own air-con contractor in getting the right air-conditioning units BTU capacity for them.
R410a Refrigerant vs R22 Refrigerants
Air conditioning units use two types of refrigerants, R22 and R410A refrigerant. Let us go through each of them and what are the relationship between these two of refrigerants.
Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide
Here is the Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide which shows various air conditioner symptoms, the possible cause and what is the possible remedy.
Doing Air Conditioning Maintenance yourself
Doing Air Conditioning Maintenance yourself help to cut down on your air conditioning bills
Air Conditioning Service of Different Types
There are many different types of Air Conditioning Services in Singapore market. I will also share my opinions and estimated price
Tips On Saving Air Conditioning Units Electricity Bill
Tips on saving Air-conditioning units electricity and maximise cooling
Air Conditioning Filters
All of the air conditioning systems use air conditioning filters as the one and only protection against dust from going into the coil fins and to the fan blower.
Choosing Home Air Conditioners
When it comes to buying home air conditioners, consumers often face a dilemma on which types of air conditioners to buy for their homes as there are so many types of air conditioners available in
Window Air Conditioning Units
Window air conditioning units look like a square box and all the components are contained inside. This compact design allows the window air con units to fit nicely into a standard window frame.
Casement Air Conditioner Units
About a decade ago, casement air conditioner units used to be every household number one choice of air conditioners. During that time, besides casement aircon, there were only window air conditioning
Portable Air Conditioner
Portable air conditioner is the latest system in the market. For efficient spot cooling portable aircon is an ideal machine. If you are prohibited to install a regular air conditioner...
Split Air Conditioner Units The Number One Choice
Split air conditioner unit is considered the most popular type for home use nowadays. In Singapore, almost 90% of the household uses split system. Why does split system air conditioning unit the numbe
All About Trane Air Conditioners
Trane Air Conditioners are some of the most efficient and durable air conditioning units one can come across in the industry.
Why Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are a great choice
Mitsubishi Air conditioners are made by Mitsubishi Electric, one of the world's leading brands in Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Mitsubishi aircons are known worldwide ...
LG Air Conditioners - The Best in Home cooling Solutions
LG air conditioners are some of the best air conditioning systems in the world. They provide an excellent combination of technology, control and efficiency that is as yet unmatched amongst similar sys
York Air Conditioners - Experience comfort and Efficiency
York air conditioners are made by 'York' a Johnson controls Inc. company. Johnson Controls Inc., is a fortune 500 company that has a market presence across 6 continents and is a multi industrial
Goodman Air Conditioners: Durable, Affordable and Convenient Conditioners
Goodman Air Conditioners are popular products in the market due to their quality, functionality and affordable prices.
Expect Quality and Reliability with Sharp Air Conditioners
Sharp air conditioners are made by Sharp Corporation. Sharp Corp. is a global electronics conglomerate that manufactures quality consumer electronics known worldwide for their quality and reliability.
All about Fujitsu Air Conditioners
Fujitsu air conditioners
Frigidaire Air Conditioner - Get the best in HVAC
With almost a hundred years of technical expertise in it, a Frigidaire air conditioner is lierally the best aircon you can buy for your home, office or commercial space.
Carrier Air Conditioners - HVAC from the Pioneers
Carrier Air Conditioners have delighted customers from all parts of the world. Carrier aircon systems are exquisite pieces of HVAC equipment that come from a fabled lineage of aircon systems.
A Small Portable Air Conditioners That Everyone Should Get !
Ever dream of having your own small portable air conditioners that provides you with continuous stream of cool air whether you are at home or on the go?
Choosing the Best Portable Air Conditioner For Your Home
How to choose the best portable air conditioner for your home? There are so many brands of portable air conditioner in the market to choose from. But how are we going to choose the portable aircon....
Use your Air Conditioning Units to Control Your Asthma
Asthma. Doctor advice, if airborne pollens and molds trigger your asthma, close your windows and use your air conditioning unit can reduce the exposure.
Air Conditioning Units Leaks Water - Top 3 Reasons
It must be frustrating when your air conditioning units start to leak water. When it happens, the first thing that most people do is to put a bucket below the leaking air-con and call for an air-con
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