Air Conditioner Water Leak ?
Knowing Why and How to Solve It

Air Conditioner water leak is the most common problem that people experience with their room air conditioners. So what causes your air conditioner leak?

Air conditioners will discharge out water from the indoor unit to the toilet through a drainage pipe. Over time, the indoor unit absorbed dust from the room. While the water from the indoor unit mixed with the dust, it forms a dirt. These dirt might choke the drainage pipe while flowing to the toilet. This causes the water to back flow and that is the main reason why your air conditioner water leak.

Place to install your air conditioner is important

Once you decided on a position for your air conditioner to be installed. It is a permanent decision. The decision you made on where to place your air conditioner is not only considering the overlook of your house but also in the time when your air conditioner breaks down.

The biggest mistake that most people made was to position their air conditioner underneath the study table, above the television. If your air conditioner happen to leak water, it may cause damage your furniture or electronic appliances.

The best positioning for your split air conditioner is right on top of the door. I'm sure that there will be no one places any things on the doorway. If your split air conditioner happen to leak water, it is also more convenient for you to place a bucket right below the air conditioner unit before the aircon service arrive. It is also more convenient for air con service man to access your air conditioner.

Why air conditioner leak water?

The two other reasons that causes water leak:

1. Your drainage pipe might not had installed with gradient which allow the water to flow from your air-conditioner to the toilet.

2. The insulation behind the air conditioner indoor unit might be worn off. The insulation act as a sponge to absorb condensing water from the copper pipes.

So how do I solve it myself?

First of all, I have to warn you that the method that I am telling you is to stop air conditioner leak problem temporarily.

Item needed:

A vacuum cleaner which is able to suck water.


1. Go and locate the drainage pipe, usually in your toilet inside the drainage pan.

2. Using your vacuum cleaner, suck out all the dirt from the drainage pipe. It may take up some time if your air conditioner is badly choked.

This way it clears up almost all the dirt that is clog inside the drainage pipe. But it is only temporary as your fan coil unit is still covered with dust. Sooner or later your drainage pipe will be clog again and lead to water leaking.

Call for Aircon Service

Of course, the best method is simply call up any air conditioning contractor to book an appointment with them for air conditioning service to solve air conditioner water leak problem.

There are 4 common types of air conditioning servicing.

• General Servicing
• Chemical Servicing
• Chemical Flushing
• Overhaul Servicing

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