Split Air Conditioner Units
The Number One Choice

Split air conditioner unit is considered the most popular type for home use nowadays. In Singapore, almost 90% of the household uses split system. Why does split system air conditioning unit the number one choice for home user?

Split air conditioner unit is actually the advancement of the window air conditioning units. Window air conditioning units are like a box which consists of every component inside. So when the window air-con is switched ON, sound from the blower and compressor is produced. This affects light sleeper whom will be affected by the loud noise produced from the window air conditioning units.

split air conditioner

To improve on this issue, air conditioner designers came out with split air conditioner units. Instead of leaving every component inside a box, it separates the outdoor condenser (consist of compressor) and Indoor fan coil (blower). So during installation, the outdoor condenser is installed outside the house and the indoor fan coil will be installed inside the room. Copper pipe is also installed; connecting both the condenser and fan coil together.

The main components for the indoor fan coil are: fan motor and evaporator. The only noise that the consumer can hear is wind sound produced from the fan motor. This greatly minimizes the noise level which will bring more comfort to the consumers.

The main components inside the outdoor condenser are: fan motor, circuit board, evaporator and compressor. These components work hand in hand to generate coolant which then flow through the copper pipe to the indoor fan coil. The indoor fan coil will then blow out cool air to cool the room.

Split system air conditioning units come with System 1, System 2, System 3 and System 4.

System 1 - consist of 1 outdoor condenser with 1 indoor fan coil.
System 2 - consist of 1 outdoor condenser with 2 indoor fan coils.
System 3 - consists of 1 outdoor condenser with 3 indoor fan coils.
System 4 - consist of 1 outdoor condenser with 4 indoor fan coils.

When split system air conditioning units came out initially, they only allow one kind of BTU for all the indoor fan coils. For example, System 4 only allows 4 indoor fan coils with 9,000BTU each. This does not bring much sense as not all the rooms in the house will be the same size. Later stage, they came out with a newer technology, Inverter, which allows more customization. With inverter technology, you are able to mix-and-match with different range of BTU for every individual room.

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